Caleb Kesterke Joins FOX Backcountry Snow Team

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Montana boondocker Caleb Kesterke has joined the FOX Backcountry Team, bringing his mountain snow freeride A-game aboard a custom Polaris 850 RMK Khaos sled. The Team is comprised of backcountry snowmobile experts, adventurers, and tour guides that live and breathe their sport — all in search of perfect powder and sharing their passion for snowmobiling. Working closely with FOX’s product development team, they share their riding expertise to help develop new products and tunes to have the perfect setup that works across diverse backcountry conditions.

Kesterke has a growing fan base thanks to his backcountry freeride video exploits. His favorite region to catch air is British Columbia. He’s also co-founder of, offering advanced technical riding, intermediate and jumping clinics, and is Avalanche 1/Wilderness Advanced First Aid/Winter Survival/NASM-CPT certified.

Caleb is pushing the limits of backcountry riding to new levels, and we are excited to put the best suspension underneath him.”

FOX racing manager Rick Strobel


“Growing up, kids have all kinds of dreams, from astronauts to movies stars to pro ball players,” Kesterke added. “Mine was to be a professional snowmobiler and one of my dream sponsors was FOX shocks. I couldn’t be more excited to join the FOX Backcountry Team and bring to fruition an aspect of my childhood dream. I can’t wait for a rowdy season running the best shocks in the business!” 

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The 23-year-old joins veterans Chris Burandt, Carl Kuster, Tony Jenkins, Dave McClure, Ashley Chaffin and Dan Adams.


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