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Several new FOX-equipped vehicles have been driven, ridden, raced and tested in the first six months of 2020. New vehicles from Jeep, Toyota, Ford, Polaris and other manufacturers are hitting recently-opened showroom floors this summer, so we thought you’d benefit from reading what the experts have to say. Total FOX-mentioned media reach in 2020 is a whopping 697,019,849 impressions, so there’s plenty to read about. Here are a few category samples.

2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Breaks Its Own Trail

“The front suspension features standard 2.5-inch internal-bypass Fox coil-over dampers with spring rates that are actually softer than the non-TRD Sequoia’s. The Fox 2.0-inch monotube rear dampers are also upsized from the standard items. Although there’s no suspension lift, the front end does gain 0.7 inch of additional rebound travel. The ride feels a little cushier than a standard Sequoia’s, but you still wouldn’t want to enter a King of the Hammers off-road race.” Read the complete review here.

Zero Labs Electric Bronco

“It goes deeper than the modern paint. Or the millimetric carbon-fibre panel gaps that are decidedly unBronco in both material and finish. The re-made body that soothes away some of the original Bronco’s more awkward production necessities. It goes further than the hardcore and respected Currie Enterprises differentials you can see peeping out from underneath the car front and back, or the Fox Racing suspension that you glimpse.” Read the complete article here.

Fox Academy Wants to Teach You More About Your Suspension

“Fox Racing Shox, builder of shock absorbers and suspension components intended for off-road action sports, recently launched a website and video series called Fox Academy. The official intention is to educate readers and viewers on how shock absorbers work and help you make better decisions to tune shocks yourself to better handle whatever you plan to throw at your vehicle.” Read the complete review here.

Race Prep: Secrets Of The Fasthouse Ducati Desert Sleds

“Naturally, the suspension got some attention too. Race Tech upgraded the front forks with new tunable internals, and the team fitted custom rear shocks from Fox. Not only does the overall setup perform better, but there’s slightly more stroke to play with now.” Read the complete review here.

Razor’s Edge: 2020 Polaris RZR PRO XP 4 Ultimate

“On board this top-of-range Ultimate trim is the brand’s Dynamix suspension system. Utilizing Fox 2.5 Live Valve shocks that would look at home installed on a rig headed for the Baja 1000 or King of the Hammers, drivers can choose between three suspension settings: Comfort, Sport, or Firm. Comfort permits the PRO XP to gobble high-speed bumps and whoops with the level of élan your author hoovers a meal at Five Guys.” Read the complete review here.

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave is getting plenty of coverage, which can be found here from CNET, Moto Authority, Car & Driver, FourWheeler, The Drive, Motor Trend, JD Power, Automobile, CarBuzz, AutoBlog and AutoWeek.

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave Review: A Tougher Jeep Is a Better Jeep

“Like the Raptor, the trick with the Mojave’s suspension is that, if the ride gets rough, you don’t slow down — you speed up. Driving along gnarled cobblestone streets in Brooklyn’s Red Hook at 20 miles per hour was borderline uncomfortable; once I pushed the speed up to 35, though, the Fox shocks began to work their magic, blending the oscillations into a comfortable ride. It’s rather like getting a powerboat on plane; once you push through the chop and get it moving, she rides smooth as glass.” Read the complete review here.


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