How Do You Want To Jeep With FOX?

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With all-terrain versatility in mind, the FOX team has developed specific use-case categories to help you understand which products are best for your next Jeep JL or JK shock and stabilizer upgrade. What might be overkill for some is exactly the performance other Jeep owners are seeking. The great outdoors has never felt greater this summer, as adventurers load up their Jeeps and literally head for the hills.


We’ve broken use-case into three categories: Performance Series 2.0, Performance Elite Series 2.5 and Factory Race Series 2.5/3.0. Below we’ll explain what sets each category apart, and where you may slot in.

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Performance Series 2.0

For avid trail users, Performance 2.0 is your best go-to suspension, providing a comfortable ride both on- and off-road compared to standard shocks. Our Internal floating piston (IFP) separates the nitrogen charge from the high-performance suspension fluid, eliminating any chance of mixing that causes a standard shock to become mushy during serious off-road conditions.

NEW! Performance Elite Series 2.5

For pure off-roaders wanting to go harder, our new Performance Elite 2.5 come with external compression adjusters that allow you to quickly adapt to terrain and vehicle loads with the turn of a knob. Race-developed high-flow pistons and vehicle-specific valving improve both off-road performance and on-road balance, which means you’ll enjoy your asphalt journey to the dirt.

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Factory Race Series 2.5/3.0

For those wanting to go big, our Factory Race Series is everything it says it is, with an emphasis on racing. Available in 2.5- or 3.0-inch aluminum body diameters, finned piggybacks and reciprocating remote reservoirs keep suspension fluid cool through relentless high-speed desert runs. Fine tuning is available with our high- and low-speed compression adjusters, which quickly adjust the shocks to a wide variety of terrain and vehicle speeds, giving you the ideal settings to blast the whoops or tackle the nastiest climbs and rockiest descents.

FOX’s new Factory Race Series shocks are designed around internal bypass, delivering position-sensitive damping technology and performance in a hassle-free package. This patented technology contains internal passages that allow fluid to bypass the piston through regulated ports as it moves through the travel. Internal bypass makes it possible to maintain control when driving over obstacles at high speed.

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Desert-proven high temperature sealing packs and oversized 7/8” shafts ensure durability over prolonged off-road runs at high speed. Built with the highest quality materials, these shocks are designed to be as tough as they look, and unlike race-specific shocks are designed for long durations between rebuilds.


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