FOX Drivers Dominate 2022 Crandon World Championships

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CJ Greaves Puts On a MasterClass To Take Overall And More

It was a family affair for FOX drivers CJ and Kyle Greaves, as the Wisconsin cousins swept all their races over the Crandon World Championship Labor Day weekend, with CJ taking the overall victory while securing his fourth career World Cup win, his eighth consecutive with FOX. CJ won both Pro4 races, the Cup race, both Pro Stock UTV races, plus the Pro4 championship. Kyle showed everyone his wheels, taking victory in both ProLite races and the ProLite championships.

Fun Haver Loren Healy also won his fifth consecutive Crandon Ultra4 4400 race, with teammate Vaugh Gittin Jr. placing third with Live Valve. Brad Lovell led a Ford Performance Bronco sweep in the Ultra4 4600 Stock race ahead of fellow FOX drivers Bailey Cole and Gittin Jr.

Major Race Highlights – Class 11: Cisco Bio puts his FOX R.A.D. shocks on the podium twice, with a 2nd place finish in Friday’s Class 11 Pro Am (teamed with Tanner Foust) and a win in the Class 11 race on Sunday. 

5 FOX Pro Podium Sweeps COR Pro4 (Saturday); Ultra4 4600 Stock (Ford Performance Bronco Sweep); Ultra4 4800 Legends; Crandon Pro4 World Championship; Crandon World Cup Race (Pro2 vs. Pro4).

3 Championship Off-Road (COR) Season Champions Crowned on FOX: Pro4 – CJ Greaves; ProLite – Kyle Greaves; Super Buggy – Michael Meister (who swept all three races).

UTV Race Highlights:

Champ Pro R1st Andy Ives (Polaris Pro R FOX Live Valve X2 shocks); Champ Pro Turbo – 1st Kyle Chaney (Can-Am X3 RC2 shocks);  2nd Robert Loire (Polaris Turbo R Live Valve X2 shocks); 3rd Jason Weller (Can-Am X3 RC2 shocks). Champ Pro Stock 1st CJ Greaves (Polaris RS1 RC2 shocks); 2nd Brock Heger (Yamaha RC2 shocks); 3rd Owen VanEperen (Yamaha RC2 shocks). 

Red Bull Race – Pro Turbo – 1st Kyle Chaney (Can-Am X3 RC2 shocks).


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