Jenn Jackson Rides the New FLOAT SL | Video

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In our recent article featuring the 34 Step-Cast fork we described modern cross-country (XC) mountain biking as “all about speed.” XC racers are able traverse mountainous terrain and trails as fast (or faster) than any other mountain biker. Efficiency is king, and the tools to do the job are built as light possible. But XC isn’t always about racing. Some days, it’s just nice to grab your bike, pin it through the forest and maybe hit a few spicier lines than you normally would. And that’s exactly what Canadian XCO Champion Jenn Jackson does on a day off in her new backyard on Vancouver Island, BC.

A member of the Liv Factory Racing team, Jackson rides a Pique Advanced Pro 29 equipped with the 34 Step-Cast fork and the FLOAT SL shock (both with remote lockout), letting her tackle her local trails at the only speed she knows — fast. While an enduro bike is always in the shed for when she decides to tackle the steepest trails or follow her friends off thebigger jumps, Jackson will gets more than her share of recreational miles on her XC-tuned Pique.

“I’ve found a really nice balance with my suspension at this point in the year where I’ll only change the rebound and compression by a couple clicks here or there,” says Jackson. “I love having a snappy, responsive bike that is quick and easy to climb and zip through technical undulating terrain and also gives a predictable, supportive feel on challenging descents. Riding an XC bike should be fun up, down and across all kinds of trails, and the FLOAT SL and 34-SC enable that.”

FLOAT SL: Super light. Ultra fast. XC race ready.

Built for superlight efficiency of XC riding with all-new compression and rebound valving for increased traction and ride feel unmatched in the ultralight shock category. Whether tackling World Cup XCO courses, full-day marathon races or just heading out for a ride like Jenn, FLOAT SL offers higher performance and a wider range of tuneability than previously seen in lightweight MTB shocks.

The FLOAT SL at home aboard Jackson’s Liv Pique Advanced Pro 29

FLOAT SL inherits the internals of its FLOAT and FLOAT X siblings, streamlined to save every gram possible. A 2-position remote or 3-positon switch lets riders toggle between open, medium and firm mode settings for the most efficient power transfer from the pedals. With a proven EVOL air spring and a form factor to fit a wider variety of XC and Trail bikes, FLOAT SL offers the ultimate suspension efficiency for riders pushing their potential. Race entry fees not included.

Lockout on demand for ultra-efficient pedaling

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