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FOX Academy is a multimedia education site designed to teach the language of vehicle suspension for Jeeps, UTVs, trucks, mountain bikes, snowmobiles and motorcycles. The site features engaging educational videos on everything suspension – shock basics, terminology, the difference between stock and FOX shocks, forks and much more. FOX Academy is a program to help the novice become a pro and help the pro obtain more in-depth suspension know-how.

What is FOX Academy?

FOX Academy takes on the hard questions and isn’t afraid of complex answers. Wondering how those new shocks work? Question answered. Too intimidated to open up that damper? FOX Academy can help. In fact, translating the complex answers into bite-sized chunks to help better understand a vehicle’s potential is why FOX Academy was created. Most enthusiasts know when an upgraded shock or fork is needed for their desired driving or riding style, but they may not know the proper replacement shock or fork to obtain the results they need to match the terrain and their driving or riding ability. FOX Academy teaches how the parts work — but more importantly — when, or how to adjust their suspension to gain the most enjoyment from their experience.

Here are five testimonials on the importance of suspension tuning from FOX’s engineers and tuners, interviewed by Communications Marketing Manager Gary Boulanger:

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FOX users and fans are always engaging with the brand at special events and picking the brains of FOX Factory engineers, asking for insight on how their shocks work and how to optimize their suspension. The conversations led the FOX Marketing and Engineering departments to think about how people can easily learn about FOX shock technology by delving into the topics virtually.  

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Learn more about how your vehicle or bicycle is meant to be enjoyed to its maximum potential, and take your outdoor pursuits to the next level with FOX Academy.

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