Here’s The 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3

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FOX and Can-Am have developed the next evolution in shock design for the X3 high-performance UTV platform. Building off the incredibly capable FOX 2.5/3.0 Internal Bypass RC2 shocks found on the Maverick X3’s 2020 top-of-the-line trim levels, FOX and Can-Am have replaced the mechanical damping adjusters with an electronically-controlled, semi-active compression and rebound system on the 2021 Maverick X3 X RS SAS.

Suspension highlights include:

  • Electronically-controlled rebound and compression in the main piston
  • Increased rebound adjustment range over mechanical low-speed rebound (LSR) adjusters
  • Reduces body roll while retaining plush ride
  • Prevents nosedive while braking
  • Prevents excessive squat during hard acceleration
  • Better traction and stability while cornering
  • Tested to perform in and survive harshest environments


From the start FOX and Can-Am knew the goal was to design a suspension system that performed even better than the FOX mechanically-adjustable internal bypass shocks already available on the X3 without sacrificing durability. The obvious — but also most challenging — choice was to replace the external mechanical compression and rebound adjusters with a fast-acting internal electronically-actuated damping adjuster valve. Controlled by an onboard computer in the vehicle receiving inputs from multiple sensors, the electronically-actuated valve in the shock can adjust both the compression and rebound damping forces. Getting a system like this to work seamlessly in the background while you concentrate on driving flat out required FOX and Can-Am to work together during multiple testing trips and countless tuning sessions to perfect the onboard electronics and shock response.

An incredible ride isn’t worth much if the shocks don’t last. This is where FOX’s experience in design and testing really came into play, taking a functional concept and turning it into durable shocks proven to hold up to triple digit temperatures in the harshest environments.


FOX’s 2.5 and 3.0 Internal Bypass shocks deliver race-dominating and position-sensitive damping technology and performance in a hassle-free package. This patented technology contains internal passages that allow fluid to bypass the piston through regulated ports as it moves through the travel. They also provide a plush, predictable ride over normal off-road driving conditions with the ability to ramp up damping force in extreme use. Internally, the standard piston has been amplified by an electronically-controlled valve that can act alternately on the compression and rebound oil circuit.

By switching from mechanically-adjustable damping in the form of dual speed compression (DSC) and low speed rebound (LSR) clickers to an internal electronically-controlled valve the range of rebound control has increased by almost 5X. While the compression control range is smaller than with a DSC adjuster, it is important to note that the electronic valve can adjust with split-second speed meaning that the valve can adjust to any point within the damping range almost instantly, while a mechanical adjuster is set to one single point within the range. This means that the semi-active system can adapt its damping control to any situation on the fly.

Unlike semi-active systems that can only adjust compression to soften impacts and protect from bottom-outs, the addition of wide range rebound control provides more body control to keep the chassis flat and protects from top-outs, thus keeping the vehicle stable in rough terrain. The fast-acting system is able to detect where the wheel position is and add compression or rebound, depending on which direction the wheel is going. As a result, your butt stays firmly in the seat and the vehicle feels planted on the ground with maximum traction. Additionally, combined semi-active rebound and compression control ensures that the vehicle can turn corners with less body roll and more precision as the inside shocks can increase rebound to maintain traction and slow the weight transition from the inside to the outside of the corner, while the outside shocks can increase compression holding the vehicle up and level.

The same happens during braking to keep the nose from diving by increasing the compression damping on the front shocks and slowing the rebound on the rear shocks to slow the weight transfer from back to front and the same process in reverse during acceleration. All of these enhancements seamlessly work to stabilize the new  X3 X RS SAS over the roughest obstacles and through the biggest whoops at speed. And since they wear the FOX name you know they have been designed with the highest quality material, put through lengthy dyno evaluations in our state-of-the-art test labs, and out in the worst real world situations during our field durability tests before they met our seal of approval and commitment to quality. This is cutting-edge technology, born in racing, built to last!


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