Down & Dirty: Adjusting UTV Ride Height With Dustin Jones

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Suspended vehicles require basic adjustments to dial in the ride that’s best for you, your skills and intended use. We’ve written about why setting sag on your snowmobile, motorcycle and mountain bike matters, and today FOX athlete Dustin Jones is providing his Louisiana discourse on adjusting UTV ride height in Part 2 of “Down & Dirty” below.

Dustin’s needs as an athlete behind the wheel of his Can-Am Maverick are the same as yours: maximizing performance from your vehicle. FOX designs, engineers, tunes and manufactures world-class UTV shocks but the fine-tuning is up to you once that vehicle leaves the dealer showroom. Suspension education is the goal of “Down & Dirty” and Doctor Jones is giving you permission!

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Down & Dirty: Shock Basics With Dustin Jones


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